Sunday 15 February 2015

Classy Modular Kitchen In Hyderabad

Modular kitchens are more of a norm than an exception. Having changed the age old concepts of kitchens, these kitchens are beyond style. They bring convenience, order and a unique flavor to an urban household.Modular kitchen can be defined as a kitchen arrangement where the complete kitchen is designed and set up as separate components. It can be modified according to an individual’s needs. The cost of the entire set-up depends upon factors such as the brand and the accessories used in the installation.The issues pertaining to the kitchen storage space in the small area flats and houses of the modern times can be effectively addressed using the ideas, concept, images and functions of the modular kitchens design and functions. It is the avant-garde design patterns in, floor plans interior decor and furniture layouts that set apart the modular kitchen from the traditional models. Its high-end, and classy design set part them from the age old kitchen set up that was almost prevalent in every household even a couple of years back.
 Hyderabad Modular Kitchen
Appliances that can be installed in a Modular Kitchen:

counter tops of modular kitchen:
It can use materials like granite, wood, black limestone and quartz. Having a granite counter top gives kitchen a great modular look and it is durable, even though it comes at a higher expense. The wooden counter top gives a traditional look and the quartz is best for modular kitchen as scratch resistant and heat resistant. Black limestone is the cheapest material which can be used for a modular kitchen counter top.

Flooring for modular kitchen:
Flooring of modular kitchen which is scratch, stain resistant and is easy to clean. Ceramic tile flooring is the best for modular kitchen. Ceramic tiles are available in various colors and patterns and are also cheaper when compared to other flooring. Other options for kitchen flooring can be of vinyl and laminate flooring.
Modular Kitchen Hyderabad
Sinks for modular kitchen :
For the sinks in modular kitchen, choose an area which is easily accessible within reach. The perfect sinks for modular kitchen are the stainless steel and the porcelain sinks. They are durable and easy to clean. Make sure that the distance between the sinks and the refrigerator should be more than 20 feet.

Furniture for modular kitchen:
The furniture in modular kitchen can consist of metal tables for a spacious look in kitchen. Also smaller wooden or metal stools can be placed to rest while working in kitchen.

Dish Washer for modular kitchen:
These can vary in sizes depending upon the place where they need to be fixed and one has to keep the capacity of the dishwasher also in mind before fitting it. They help keep the kitchen clean and mess free.

Chimneys for modular kitchen:
Very important in kitchens, chimneys are used to drive out the smoke from the kitchen. A lot of auto clean chimneys are available in markets.

Pull out drawers (Modules/Units) for modular kitchen:
These units are used to store food items, utensils etc. these are easy to reach while working in the kitchen.

Cooking Range for modular kitchen:
It is one compact unit, which has multiple burners which make working easy.

Shutters for modular kitchen:
Shutters are in trend these days to easily place kitchen crockery in them. They are durable, reliable and are easy to install and maintain.

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