Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Price Of Modular Kitchen And Their Designs In Hyderabad

The term `modular' means that kitchen is made up of several modules or units.This makes them easy to ship. And if there's any damage, then only that one unit has to be repaired or replaced. In addition, modular kitchen manufacturers all over the world make their units or modules in the same standard sizes. If at a later stage wish to incorporate anything, say a hob or a chimney, the standard sizes make it easy to do so. For one, they come in very attractive finishes. The difference between modular kitchens and locally made ones is comparable to that between designer wear and clothing stitched by neighborhood tailor. Two, modular kitchens offer a range of innovative storage options, hence the limited space within kitchen gets fully utilized. And three, these kitchens take only a couple of days to install. The systems consist of standard units and cabinets which are built and available in various materials, colors and finishing. They come with accessories and fit in various budgets as different cost ranges are available. There are standard units for wall and floor and these take care that electrical and appliances as well as various utensils can easily fit. Thus the modular units can be done in lesser time and budget than a complete custom built one.
Modular Kitchen Hyderabad Price
Price Of Cabinets And Drawers:
The material for cabinets should be water resistant. Marine ply is a good cabinet material because of it's higher resistance to water. The other grades of plywood might not be water resistant so make sure while selecting.
Solid wood cabinets typically need a lot of care and regular polishing is needed to maintain the luster. Any contact with water can cause solid wood to rot need to keep this in mind.Also ensure that the materials used have been treated for termites and other pests.
Mild steel cabinets get rusted if powder coating is not done. Mild steel above or near the stove area should be avoided as cabinets can get heated and opening them will become very difficult.

Price Based On Design:
These are available in a variety of designs like:
  • parallel counters
  • L- shaped
  • U-shaped
  • C- shaped
Cost of Modular Kitchen Hyderabad
A large cooking area or an open kitchen, also option for an island design. The bad part though, is that the designs include the hob in the island, these are not recommended as Indian houses generally do not have underground pipelines. This makes it difficult to conceal the gas pipeline.

The Purchase Decision:
The first step in the purchase process is to determine a budget. This will quickly narrow down range of options to a manageable number.
Next, select the accessories. The more bells and whistles add, the more expensive kitchen gets. Shutter doors with partitions are a more economical option.

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