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Idea Behind Kitchen Design

A Kitchen can broadly be broken down into 5 zones - Preparation, Cooking, Baking, Cleaning & Storage. The core idea behind Kitchen design based on this zones is to ensure that each zone can be independently operated without one having to criss-cross through other zones thereby optimizing efficiency. Modular kitchens not only improve the efficiency and ease of work but also looks sleek and trendy. For example – the Dishwasher should be placed next to the sink and the trash cabinet to form an integrated Cleaning Zone, Utensils and Cooking instruments should be under or next to the cook top or Cooking Zone, all this accessories and appliances are settle in right position. The Preparation zone should be close to both the Cooking and Baking zone so that you don’t need to walk to the cook-top after having rolled the chapatti or - a very common mistake that folks make – that there is no counter close enough to put down the hot tray fresh out of the Oven. Additionally the space for long term storage of grain, pulses, oils, namkeens etc. Storage zone should be away from the Cleaning Zone, specifically the trash bin, to avoid any chance of odor contamination.

Kitchens play a very important part in any house hold, in earlier times a kitchen was not given as much as importance as the other rooms as kitchen was basically only involved in functionality and efficiency and was not a stylish or elegant place in the house. Modular kitchen system is stylish, elegant and latest in which individual can mix or match the basic models of modular kitchen to their taste. A modular kitchen is one that is made up of pre-made cabinet parts. These parts are fitted together to create a whole, functional kitchen design. Modular cabinets are popular in kitchen remodeling projects and are available in two main types:

1. Upper Units
2. Lower Units

There are also full units such as closets or pantries that fit from floor to ceiling, or almost to the ceiling. Since Interior Designers In Hyderabad is prebuilt and purchased readymade in sections, often flat packed for home assembly, it's the opposite of a custom made kitchen that is built on site Modular Kitchen companies.

Kitchen cabinets are the most essential part of any modular kitchen. They are available in various sizes and shapes and are made from different materials. There are two types of kitchen cabinets, based on the type of construction. The framed cabinets have a 2 inch border or frame which hides the edges of the cabinet box. These frames make the cabinet strong and sturdy. The frameless cabinets, also known as European cabinets, have no frames. Instead they have thicker side panels which make the cabinets stronger. The look of the cabinets can be enhanced using Modular Kitchen Gallery. Accessories for kitchen cabinets include knobs and handles. The knobs and handles are available in different styles, shapes and materials of Modular Kitchen Manufacturers.

Benefits of Modular Kitchen-

Maximization of Space:
The space available for the kitchen is most effectively utilized. This is one of the core ideas that is behind the design of modular kitchens. The best use of space will give a clutter free order to cook easily. There is ample space to move around too. Each component of the kitchen has its own designated space and it is easy to find and use anything and everything in the kitchen.

As said earlier, a modular kitchen is made up of individual modules. It is very easy for dismantle and set up whole kitchen if move somewhere else. Even if there is some repair for some component, attend to that individual component easily. If needed replacement, it can easily do so for the unit. The whole kitchen is not affected at all. The whole set up is very easily to handle.

It took a lot of time and patience for clean their whole kitchens. With modular kitchens such a problem do not exist. Cleaning is easy as have to deal with only individual modules.
Style and color:
Modular kitchen components are available in a lot of colors and designs, so there are a lot of options for choose from. It can set up kitchens with the color combinations and patterns which are favorites.
Setting up:
Modular kitchens come in a ready-to-install form. It do not take much time in setting up dream kitchen.

The interior of home looks even more attractive when have a stylish modular kitchen. If tend to choose matching colors and styles for the whole house modular kitchens makes is a lot easier.


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