Monday, 4 May 2015

Straight Modular Kitchen

Straight Modular Kitchens GalleryModular kitchen but finding yourself constricted in terms of space? The straight kitchen or single-wall kitchen is the best solution for those who are dealing with smaller spaces. The small size of this kitchen also allows you to get bold with design – you can brighten it up with solid colours or a combination of two colours.

Is it for you? 
If you find that you’re working with a smaller apartment or house, then a straight kitchen is definitely a good choice. Also, if you’d prefer a more compact kitchen where everything’s within easy reach then you’d that a straight kitchen best suits your needs. The straight kitchen occupies just a single wall, which makes for easy flow of movement in the rest of the space. It’s also a great option for those who like to keep things simple, and don’t want to get into a very elaborate Interior Designers In Hyderabad process.

Style and colour 
When you’re thinking small, it’s best to think bold. Modular kitchens give you a huge variety of options when it comes to colour and finish. A solid bright kitchen colour will work wonders with this design. If your style is really restrained, then you can go for a wood-grain finish. If not, high gloss or matte laminates give you plenty of opportunity to bring in complementary or contrast colours. Check out images of our straight modular kitchens; you’ll find that you can do anything from bold reds to matte blacks.

Acrylic modular kitchen design
Solid WoodAcrylic
Laminate High Gloss
Membrane Press
Solid Wood
UV Coated Panels

Choose a finish-
 High Gloss
 Wood Grains

Choose a colour-
Berry Bunch
Shangrila and more

The easiest way to go modular 
Aamodakitchenideas offers you one of those most simple and streamlined processes to get yourself a modular kitchen. Our team of interior designers will give you style and design tips free of cost, and we can adapt the design to suit both your functional and budgetary requirements. Once you place your order, we guarantee delivery within 45 days, else we pay you a penalty. We also provide a 3D modeling option which allows you to get a sense of how your kitchen will look in your space, before you make your decision. We try to make our process as transparent as possible, with updates at specific intervals during the manufacturing process and a high degree of accessibility.

More reasons to go for a modular kitchen 
One of the biggest benefits of going for a modular kitchen is you can keep track of the quality standards. We use branded kitchen materials for our cabinets and shutters, and our hardware also comes from a reputed brand. Our kitchens come with a 5-year warranty. You’ll also find that a modular kitchen is a much more cost-effective option, as we can alter designs to match your budget, and there’s no question of mounting prices once you make your decision. With all our modular kitchens being produced in a world-class factory, you can be assured that quality standards are being maintained throughout.

Explore the options
Looking for more information and ideas? Go through our website and find images of the different modular kitchen layouts – the L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, parallel kitchen and more. You can also find a lot of great ideas in terms of colours and combinations.


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