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Few Best Modular Kitchen Design Tips

Modular kitchens can make cooking fun and exciting. If you are not familiar with designing a modular kitchen you can approach the interior designers who can help you in choosing the best modular kitchen design. Here are a few modular kitchen design tips to help you: Interior Designers In Hyderabad

Modular Kitchen: Counter tops
Granite can look great in a modular kitchen design and is durable but it is expensive.
Wooden countertopsare traditional but are prone to scratches and easy wear.
Quartz can be a great option for your modular kitchen design and also is scratch and heat resistant.
For those on a budget, it is best to go for a black limestone counter top.

Modular Kitchen: Cabinets
Modular kitchen cabinets you choose must be water, heat and scratch resistant. The best choice is the mild steel kitchen with powder coats.
Wall mounted and under counter modular kitchen cabinets can reduce space constraints.
Wooden cabinets can also make an excellent option but need frequent polishing.
You can choose kitchen cabinets made of PVC, glass or even metal.

Modular Kitchen: Flooring
Flooring for a modular kitchen design must be easy to clean and resistant to stains.
Thus the best option for modular kitchens is ceramic tile flooring. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Another benefit is that they are also easy on your pocket.
Other options for modular kitchen flooring are vinyl and laminate as they add to the appeal.

Modular Kitchen: Wall Tiles
Walls in your modular kitchen design must be both decorative and stain resistant.
Ceramic wall tiles can make an excellent option for Indian modular kitchen designs as they are easy to maintain and clean.
Stainless steel tiles are among the best options for the wall as they are inexpensive and stain resistant.
Use larger sized tiles to visually increase the space in your kitchen.

Modular Kitchen: Designs
Your modular kitchen can either be L-shaped, U-shaped or parallel.
L-shaped modular kitchen designs can be fit to any length and are best for small to medium sized kitchens.
Parallel kitchens are best for saving space and can also provide a larger storage space.

Modular Kitchen: Sink
Sink you choose must be located in an area that is within your reach while working.
The best choices of sinks for modular kitchens are stainless steel and porcelain ones. Both are easy to clean and also durable.
Remember that the distance between kitchen hobs, sinks and refrigerator should not be more than twenty feet.

Modular Kitchen: Colours
The colours you choose for your modular kitchen must suit the other modular kitchen accessories.
Using lighter colours like yellow and ivory can make smaller modular kitchens look spacious.
If you have a larger kitchen you can experiment with bold colours like blue and red.
Also include the flooring aspect in your colour scheme.

Modular Kitchen: Furniture
Use metal dining tables for small modular kitchens to add to the look of a larger kitchen.
You can also have small wooden or metal stools for resting while at work.
A small kitchen can have a small drop table with two chairs at a corner.

Modular Kitchen: Lighting
To light up a larger kitchen, recessed lighting is a great option.
For trendy modular kitchen designs you can have pendant lighting fixtures installed over the working and dining area.
For decorative purposes, you can use accent lighting for the attractive areas of your modular kitchen.
Balance between natural light and electrical lighting to make the interiors brighter.

Modular Kitchen: Kitchen Rugs
They are essential to keep your kitchen floors free of water and dirt and also to warm up cold feet.
You can have separate kitchen rugs for the working, clean up and dining area.
Choose the one that complements the rest of the modular kitchen decor.
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