Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Modular Kitchen Prices in Hyderabad

Modular kitchen prices depend upon the type of design you choose. When availed carefully, modular kitchen dealers will provide you good timely service.The accessories will also define the price e.g. if you add chimney or burner then the price will go up based on your choice. Installation for typical brands can take up to 15 days.Local brands will be cheaper, however you should ensure that you do not compromise on material or design.
These are available in a variety of designs.Modular kitchen cabinets like pull outs, trays, drawers, racks, shutters will be charged depending upon the space of your kitchen .

If you have a large cooking area or want an open kitchen, you could also option for an island design. The bad part though, is that the designs include the hob in the island, these are not recommended as Indian houses generally do not have underground pipelines. This makes it difficult to conceal the gas pipeline.

The designs options depending on the space available can be as follows:
1.) Island
2.) L Shaped
3.) U Shaped
4.) Parallel Counters

The steel pullouts, trays and racks are sold by weight, and it will be much cheaper if you buy them from the suppliers in wholesale markets directly. The costs in the showrooms will be huge. On an average a steel pullout weighs anywhere from 3 to 4 kgs. You can also look at thin plywood shelves that are fitted with sliding channels so you can access stuff at the back of the cabinet. With plywood make sure that you select the grade that is water resistant.

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