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Modular kitchen for small kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2015

Are you tired of waking up morning after morning to your tired-looking kitchen? You know it could use a makeover, but don’t know where to begin.

Consider the cabinetry
Whether you’re planning a total remodel, or just want to improve the look without breaking the bank, updating your kitchen cabinets creates a modern vibe.

“A lot more people are going with solid colors,” says Steve Medeiros, owner of highly rated True Grain Wood works of Oceanside, Calif. “Ninety-percent of my clients are veering away from the wood grains and wood stains, especially in kitchens.”

Instead Modular Kitchen Hyderabad , homeowners want colors on their cabinets, and they’re not afraid to mix and match. Medeiros says it’s trendy to paint kitchen cabinets one color and the island a different color, or create a monochromatic scheme around a single color. For example, Medeiros says he was recently hired to paint a client’s top cabinets a light gray and the lower cabinets a dark gray. Gray, by the way, is one of the hot kitchen cabinetry colors for 2015.

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Homeowners aren’t just going for color. Many want cabinets that offer optimal storage capacity as well as functionality. For instance, cabinets that accommodate today’s taller refrigerators and smaller dishwashers are in high demand.

“They still don’t want to lose the storage, so it’s always a balance,” says Chris Elpers, owner of highly rated Chris Elpers Carpentry & Remodeling, of Minneapolis. “With the smaller dishwasher, that helps a little bit because they’re able to put it in a space where they don’t have to take out a whole, full-size cabinet.”

Other kitchen cabinet trends:
  • Shake it up- A resurgence of the classically simple shaker-style cabinetry is in demand for 2015.
  • Keep it light- Open shelving, glass-front cabinets, white or gray colors and a minimal number of wall cabinets create a bright, breezy kitchen.
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