Sunday 15 March 2015

Modular kitchen Chimney In Hyderabad

Modular kitchens have become very popular with cupboards, bench tops, etc., There are different types of modular kitchens readily available. Being a homemaker, cooking has been passion and modular kitchens is dream. Modular kitchen designs have paved for a new domain in the interior decoration. A peaceful environment can generate productive work, and if kitchen can provide so much, cooking will surely calm or become hobby rather than be arduous. A pantry unit can also be attached to the main modular kitchen. This is basically a storage place for cutlery and is generally kept at a distance from the main cooking arena. This can convert already existing cabinets to sparkling new ones for modular kitchen; so see- there is absolutely no extra expenditure for a new modular kitchen. With the advent of technology, earthquake proof and corrosion proof modular kitchens have also been designed to them a long life.  From classy Italian designs to giving them a complete English vintage look, modular kitchen has everything to offer for everyone.
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Chimneys for Kitchens:
Chimney and Cooker Hood are terms used interchangeably in India. While finalizing on the new kitchen design and accessory details, also need to decide if a chimney is required for new kitchen. Indian cooking involves a lot of masalas, oil and deep/shallow frying. This results in a lot of smoke, oily vapor and smell which would like to get rid of after. The odor often spreads to the rest of house/apartment. This can be quite embarrassing when guests enter home. Whole home/apartment will smell like the food that have cooked. If these elements remain in the kitchen space, it could get deposited over the surface of kitchen cabinetry, counter tops and other appliances. And if left unchecked, over a period of time the deposits will become stains which will be  difficult to remove. Cleaning becomes a tedious job and the kitchen will never look the way want it to. To avoid this and to keep the kitchen odor-free, fresh and clean, would recommend installing a chimney according to requirement. Modular Kitchen Gallery
Different types of Chimneys:
  • Duct type:  Requires piping from the hood to the wall vent.
  • Ductless: Uses charcoal filter which absorbs the cooking odors and the purified air is recycled back into the kitchen.
Advantages of ductless chimneys:
  • Occupies less space.
  • Easy installation since ducting is not required.
Disadvantages of ductless chimneys:
  • The charcoal filter needs to be replaced frequently which depends on cooking style and charcoal filters get choked easily which results in oil dripping from the chimney.
  • The extraction of air would be less in ductless chimney due to restricted air flow in the charcoal filter.
  • The recirculation hood will reduce odor but will not remove heat and humidity from the kitchen.
For Indian cooking it is recommended to go for Duct type chimneys due to the factors mentioned above.There are different varieties of chimneys available in the market, so choose it as per need that goes with kitchen model they are:
  • Wall Mounted Kitchen Hood:  These types of chimney hoods that are installed against the wall. This are design of hoods with suction 500 m3/h – 1180 m3/h.
  • Island Kitchen Hoods:  These chimney hoods hang from the ceiling and are best to ventilate the kitchen when have cooker hob on the island. This are design of hoods with suction capacity ranges from 1000 m3/h – 2000m3/h.

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