Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rubber Wood Kitchen Gallery In Hyderabad

Modular Kitchens are the order of the day in an era that focuses on convenience, space economy and utility value. Modular Kitchens cater to these requirements as they are combinations of futuristic features put together into a compact format. These are tailored to suit the customer’s requirements in terms of their building, applications, durability, usage and elegance. Renovating kitchen, and left without a place to make basic meals? Living in a tiny urban apartment that just doesn’t have room for a standard setup? One of these 13 high-tech, modular, movable and compact kitchens might just be exactly what need. Ideal for creating kitchens where there were none – in offices, warehouses and converted living spaces – compact kitchen units pack a lot of function into the smallest possible space.  Interior Designers In Hyderabad

Modular Kitchen is fast becoming an integral part of a home. The growing preference to have modular kitchen, in the place of conventional kitchen, is due to the fact that Modular kitchen offers convenience, aesthetics and optimum space utilization. It helps all in tackling the cooking chores with less work. The space management is derived through use of horizontal and vertical space. Good storage practice prevents ants, insects and cockroaches from getting into food articles. Modular Kitchen Gallery is often considered the most active and lively place in the whole house. Cooking is considered as an ideal way to pamper yourself. A proper kitchen design not only brightens the mood but also reduces task to a great extent. If bored by kitchen design or find it difficult to carry out day to day cooking activity due to poor design, having a kitchen makeover is a better idea.

Modular Kitchen concept and has evolved it into an affordable solution to all kitchen problems. Once the kitchen is ready and the flooring done, it looks elegant. A drawing is produced based on this measurement and the customer can choose any one of the following types:
  • Rubber Wood Kitchen
  • Membrane Kitchen
  • Post Forming Kitchen
  • Plywood with Laminate
  • Particle Boards
Modular kitchen consists of Base Units, Wall Units and Tall Units. These units are available with various accessories. Appliances are also supplied as per customer’s choice. Kitchens in the houses today are gaining more importance than ever before and stylish kitchens are adding to home interior design and status. It will have a choice of kitchen design between modern modular kitchens and traditional Style Kitchens. Once have decided upon the design.
The materials used are:
  • Prelaminated Particle Board
  • MDF with either polish or paint
  • MDF with lamination
  • Marine ply with Lamination
  • Membrane on MDF
  • Solid Wood

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