Friday, 24 April 2015

AAMODA Kitchen Ideas Services

Modular Kitchen Gallery
Modular Kitchen Hyderabad
AAMODA Kitchen Ideas services as Modular Kitchen Manufacturers, Interior Designers, forms an extension of the client's management team for the successful implementation of the project related to modular kitchen and interior designs at very low cost in hyderabad. Our Modular Kitchen and Interior Designs are affordable to everyone. We are a complete Modular Kitchen Gallery service organization who has perfected the art of maintaining a high quality in designs i.e. preferred and search by most of the people by name.

Our Modular Kitchen Series- 
  • Delta Series
  • Alpha Series
  • Endura Series
  • Exotica Series
  • Renaissance Series
  • Omega Series
  • Exotica 1 Series
  • Techno Series     
AAMODAKitchenIdeas Services-
Our services forms an extension of the client’s management team for the successful implementation of the project, providing the necessary qualified experience to carry out the project efficiently, relieving the client from all but necessary decision-making.

Modular Kitchen Gallery
Modular Kitchen Hyderabad
  • Conceptual planning
  • Presentations of design alternatives
  • Project specification and cost estimation
  • Project optimization through material selection and scheduling
  • Designing of electrical and plumbing services
  • Detailing of accessories and peripherals
  • Supervision o execution and quality control till completion.

Other Services-
  • Accessories
All multi brand pure stainless steel accessories with zinc coated telescopic channels are used (AISI 202, 304, 316 grade of S.S) for the convenience and space saving.
  • Appliances
All appliances are sourced from various international brands in various trends models and sizes.
  • Hardware
Finest quality screws and dowels are used for assembling and perfect alignment.
Legs: Adjustable legs are made of high quality PVC components.
Skirting: Detachable skirting provides easy cleaning
Hinges: Modular hinges are sourced from international brands.
Handels: Classy handles in different shaped and sizes which adds aesthetics to the kitchen.
Metaboxes: Are sourced from international brands in different heights for smooth and easy operations.

Wardrobes are made with innovative designs and different models. With the space available at the site and framed with different shutters. We can also make: CROCKERY UNITS, BAR UNITS, ENTERTAINMENT UNITS, STUDY UNITS.

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