Wednesday 8 April 2015

Modular Kitchen Backsplashes In Hyderabad

Modular Kitchens, Kitchen Backsplashes have become an absolute must have for the modern Indian cooking space. They perform a dual role; providing a design element to the kitchen while acting as a protective cover for the walls, and against dirt and grime. A Kitchen backsplash can be designed from a variety of materials, including steel, glass and metal. Besides their obvious functional purpose, they also serve as a design accent to enhance the overall look of the cooking space. It is important to note here, that kitchen backsplashes have to be chosen in keeping with the overall kitchen decor and color scheme, kitchen cabinets, wall colors and other decorative elements. Hyderabad Modular Kitchen 
Hyderabad Modular Kitchen
layouts that are built only against one wall. In this design, all the work areas such as hob, sink, refrigerator and dishwasher are located along one wall. This layout does not have an island or breakfast counter, making them uni-dimensional and compact. Modular Kitchens are designed, keeping in mind the house structure and client requirements. They utilize very less space, make the kitchen triangle smaller and are ideal for small houses and flats. They can also be integrated into extensions and older existing homes. Modular Kitchens are designed along three adjoining walls; two parallel walls perpendicular to a third. This kitchen layout is versatile and stylish, providing a seamless integration of space and offering maximum storage. Modular Kitchen design can be designed to fit into both small and large spaces. While the floor space is utilized efficiently allowing for better movement in smaller ones, larger kitchens have excess space in the center ensuring that two people or more, can comfortably move around without hindering the work flow.

Every Modular Kitchen Hyderabad is different and unique, but what elevates it
Modular Kitchen Hyderabad
regular cooking space, to something that is beautiful and functional, is the way it is optimally used. The lack of expansiveness and ensuing compact space in Small Kitchens, are a challenge to designers and homeowners alike, yet there are endless possibilities to be creative and experiment while designing the home.

Kitchen Islands:
These are becoming quite the norm in Indian homes. Incorporating an island into kitchen layout, will give an additional space to either work on or use for entertaining guests. Islands open up a kitchen, give them a sense of space, provide additional storage and can also create an informal separation between the kitchen and other areas of the house.

Play around with cabinets:
Cabinets need not be spaced out all the time. They can be grouped to one side of the kitchen space, pushed closer to the walls, or better still, designed as pull-out cabinets that slide in and out on casters to be used when required.

Pros and Cons of Modular Kitchen:
  • A space saving layout that is simple in design and seamless.
  • With only one wall being used for cooking, the rest of the space can be utilized for a table and other furniture.
  • This layout is cheaper to install, because of less cabinetry and raw materials used.
  • With work zones a few feet from each other, it helps in easier movement and keeps workflow running smoothly.
  • A modular kitchen has a sleek, clean and trendy look. Usually, it involves the use of straight line cuts and designs with a variety of modern contemporary finishes.
  • It can choose from a plethora of finishes (colors or patterns) to make your modular kitchen stand out from the rest.
  • If modular kitchen is well designed and planned for proper space management, it will find that a lot of storage can be created even in the smallest of kitchen areas.
  • Repairing work can be easily done on a modular kitchen.
  • If required, individual components of a modular kitchen can even be replaced, without affecting the rest of the kitchen components.
  • Installation of a modular kitchen does not take much time or effort.
  • Cleaning the modular kitchen requires less effort.
  • The durability of a modular kitchen made out of high quality materials can be very high.


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