Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Modular Kitchen Designs In New Trends

Today, the consumer is more of a globe-trotter and hence has exposure to the best in kitchen industry. He thus demands the best in functionality, colors, innovation, material and technology.

Modular Kitchen Hyderabad Price
Modular Kitchen Hyderabad

An open kitchen or Island Kitchen is in vogue now.
Today, Modular Kitchen Hyderabad Price Modern consumers prefer joint free counter tops, two toned cabinet shutters, amazing backsplashes and an added breakfast table for more convenience. 
These days, modular kitchens are well rooted by advanced technology too. The concept of soft-closing, Nova Pro technology, motorized handle-free drawer, ceramic induction cooking and various software technologies are some of the hi-tech advancements taking place in the global kitchen industry.

Trends in abroad follow a classy route to create stylish kitchens that are well suited to their wants and needs. The simple mix and match palette, features only the most popular colors of solid patterns and wood grains. The right combination of colors plays an important role for a pleasant kitchen ambiance. Pastel colors in PU are also in fashion nowadays of which 80% of aamodakitchenideas consumers choose white. The colors of the season are white and Aubergine, while Cream and Grey are evergreen. A bold combination that is very much in vogue these days is the PU paint finish accompanied by veneer or wood which is an extra-ordinary combination for your kitchen. A nature lover can still have the wooden beauty coupled with some stylish current trend. aamodakitchenideas, The Kitchen Specialist plans your color combination well that rightly suits your lifestyle and compliments your kitchen too.

Modular Kitchen Hyderabad
Modular Kitchen Hyderabad

Medium-dark wood flooring paired with slightly lighter cabinets remains a hot kitchen remodeling trend with a few new developments to give the whole room a classic look. For tile floors, any earthy, natural colour is a good choice.

Lighting is very important in a kitchen as it highlights the product or a particular area at the required time. Adequate lighting (natural or artificial) is required during the preparation and cooking process, as bad lighting can be very inconvenient and can even cause headaches. A well-lit kitchen has a combination of direct lights and indirect lights like under-cabinet and recessed lights. Internal cabinet lights offer more visibility and thus makes things easily accessible. You can add to the aesthetics of your kitchen with decorative and accent lighting. Glass units with internal lights give a very classy look and create a dynamic atmosphere in the kitchen. These day’s people also prefer using warm white lights.

It is important to have a back splash on a kitchen platform as it aids in cleaning of the kitchen, and makes the kitchen look more attractive. A back splash reduces the tile joints just above the counter top which is prone to attract dirt and dust, these dirty joints are easily noticeable making the kitchen look old fashioned and ugly.

Modular Kitchen companies
Modular Kitchen Hyderabad
Aamodakitchenideas Modular Kitchen companies is the major force in the modern kitchen space and the undisputed leader for over 2 decades. Aamodakitchenideas recently launched its exclusive kitchen showrooms at Hyderabad, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi.


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