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Elegant Look Of Parallel Or Gallery Kitchen Islands

Two parallel walls in the kitchen can aid in coming up with a superlative concept of modular kitchen. It would give a great sense of comfort and leisure in working in this set up for a home owner. Presence of cabinets and storage section on both the walls would ensure an ease in accessing the things and other items in the kitchen. Creation of passage between the walls ensures the user to move with great ease and console. Apart from the cabinets, the user can well install the appliances as per ones movement in kitchen. With systematic and infinite comfort, can make a good relieving time while working in parallel Modular Foreign Kitchen Hyderabad. An uncommon layout is the Galley or Parallel Kitchen layout where the kitchen is composed of two units placed on two parallel walls of the kitchen area. A pantry unit can also be attached to the main modular kitchen. This is basically a storage place for cutlery and is generally kept at a distance from the main cooking arena. It can convert already existing cabinets to sparkling new ones for modular kitchen; so see- there is absolutely no extra expenditure for a new modular kitchen. With the advent of technology, earthquake proof and corrosion proof modular kitchens have also been designed to them a long life.  From classy designs to giving them a complete vintage look, modular kitchen has everything to offer for everyone.

More open, more free and more aligned to the innate activities of the house - that are today's kitchens besides becoming a place for culinary explorations. To ease this entire process, Modular kitchens have stepped in - A modular kitchen gets its name from the module - the small sections which are assembled together to form the kitchen. Parallel Kitchens are designed based on the house structure, and work seamlessly for homes with a space crunch. They provide a large amount of storage, and make for efficient usage of space, with cabinets that run, both on the top and bottom on either side of the kitchen.These kitchens are perfect for older existing structures, where not much of re-arranging is required or re-modelling can be done. Parallel Modular Kitchen add an elegant look to the decor.One of the simplest layouts for a kitchen is Gallery Kitchens, where all important areas are next to each other. Here all the storage is below the worktop. This layout is preferable for a compact home.
 Types Of Parallel Kitchen:
  1. One -Way Parallel Kitchens
  2. Two -Way Parallel Kitchens
Modular Kitchen Prices In Hyderabad provide a lot more storage space below the worktop and will also usually have a better layout than a single gallery kitchen. Whereas in a single Gallery Kitchen the distance between cupboards are reasonably big , in a two way gallery they are just behind, so have to walk less. The two way gallery makes the layout of kitchen more compact. One of the most important aspects here is space planning. There should be enough space to moe around so that don’t keep on bumping into cupboards or islands while working around and if this space between two galleries isn’t big enough consider to reshape kitchen.

Parallel wall layouts in Hyderabad Modular Kitchen have cabinetry on two parallel walls in the kitchen. This gives an alley like passage in between that helps easy movement for the person preparing the meals. As all the things are stored in two parallel walls, they can be reached easily. The cabinet counters can be easily arranged without any inconvenience. However, home owners should make sure that there is decent aisle space available between the cabinetry. Parallel wall design is quite well-organized and suited for small to medium sized kitchens. This design is preferred for people who have limited time and in turn desire to prepare food quickly.

Parallel kitchens are designed to ensure maximum utilisation of available space without compromising on the convenience of cooking. These kitchens are apt for flats or small apartments where the length of the workspace is much more as compared to the breadth of the workspace.  Found in many present day apartments, they are constructed to optimize convenience and working space. At UNIQUE, design Galley / Modular Kitchen Hyderabad Type kitchens entirely based on specific requirements.

Pros and Cons of Parallel Type Modular:
  • Parallel Kitchens are simple in design, yet can be played around with to maximize usage and demarcates kitchen areas for cooking and appliance storage.
  • The layout can accommodate large number of cabinets, maximizing storage space.
  • This simple design of the parallel kitchen makes the work area accessible and convenient for more than two people to move around, while restricting kitchen traffic.
  • Efficient utilization of limited space.
  • Everything can be within reach while preparing meals.
  • A lot of space can be created for storage even in small areas.
  • A properly designed Galley Kitchen can eliminate the need to walk between the two work areas to a large extent.
  • If space is available, an island can be made in between the two work areas.
  • Lots of countertop space available.
  • If the kitchen is small, it can become difficult for more than one person to occupy the kitchen area.
  • A dining table can usually not be placed in this type of layout due to lack of sufficient space between the two work areas.

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