Monday, 1 June 2015

Sanitize Kitchen with Modular Kitchen Chimney

Modular Kitchen Chimney is one of the major equipments of the new-age kitchen. Indian food is much more aromatic than other cuisines but the fumes are really not good for health. The main purpose of the kitchen chimney is to keep the kitchen fresh and smoke-free. Chimneys are of two forms :
  1. Traditional chimney
  2. Designer chimney
Traditional chimney
Traditional chimney
Electric chimneys are an efficient way of removing smoke and odor  from a kitchen compared to exhaust fans. An exhaust fan will remove fumes from kitchen but not before it goes into eyes. An electric chimney, on the other hand, is ticket to cooking wholesome tadka meals without suffering from water eyes.The other advantage is that it will save the ceiling (area right above the gas oven) from being marked with everything cooked. There are two types of chimneys that can choose. The traditional one is for the utilitarian users, who want a chimney purely for their smoke absorbing abilities, while the designer chimneys are for those who along with the utilitarian aspect want a chimney that enhances the decor of their kitchen. In other words, traditional chimney is for those users who basically focus on performance and designer chimneys provide a combination of performance with looks that makes kitchen look elegant.

Designer chimney
Designer chimney
Interior Designers In Hyderabad chimney is to absorb the grease and make the kitchen ambiance fresh. Therefore it is necessary to scrutinize the chimney before buy. The main focus should be on the suction capacity. Chimneys which have higher suction capacity are the most reliable one. The second aspect need to focus on is the shape and the design of the chimney. Chimneys come in different sizes and shapes therefore choose it according to preference. There are different varieties of chimneys available, so choose it as per need that goes with Modular Kitchen Gallery model:

Wall Mounted Kitchen Hood:

Modular Kitchen Gallery chimney hoods that are installed against the wall. The design of hoods with suction 500 m3/h – 1180 m3/h.

Island Kitchen Hoods:
These chimney hoods hang from the ceiling and are best to ventilate the kitchen when cooker hob on the island. The design of hoods suction capacity ranges from 1000 m3/h – 2000m3/h.

Types of Chimney:
  • Duct type: Requires piping from the hood to the wall vent. 
  • Ductless: Uses charcoal filter which absorbs the cooking odors and the purified air is recycled back into the kitchen. 
  • Pros and Cons of chimneys:
  1. Occupies less space.
  2. Easy installation since ducting is not required.
  3. Chimneys with long house are more effective as they have better suction power.
  4. The charcoal filter needs to be replaced frequently which depends on cooking style and charcoal filters get choked easily which results in oil dripping from the chimney.
  5. The extraction of air would be less in ductless chimney due to restricted air flow in the charcoal filter.
  6. The recirculation hood will reduce odor but will not remove heat and humidity from the kitchen.
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