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Single Wall Modular Kitchen Concept And Style

In a single wall modular kitchen, the entire interior design is placed on any one wall. It enables the person preparing the meal to move around the refrigerator, hob and sink. Further, as all the things are available on a single wall, they can be reached out easily without wasting any time. The working zone of single wall layout are arranged to give convenience and comfort to the cook. This type of layout is preferable for bachelor pads, working professionals, students, etc. Single wall modular kitchen are popular as they can be installed instantly. They are easy to clean, repair and maintain. A Modular Kitchen Charges Hyderabad is a great piece and concept of human relief and comfort from all the hassles in a traditional kitchen. It dismisses the myth of occupying and setting up in large spaces only. A Single Wall kitchen can be established in a limited space as well. Homes with single wall space can beautifully assemble single wall modular kitchen with great ease and comfort. Accommodations like PG and Guest House often go in for single wall modular kitchen set up ensemble with every accessory and appliance required in a modular kitchen. With access to every element ensuring easy storage and space management, single wall modular kitchen is indeed a resourceful way of setting up a dream modular kitchen. Single Wall Kitchen design trends change fairly rapidly but most of the items on this list have been developing and refining. Despite the hype, Single Wall kitchen don’t come into favor or go out of style in a year – if they do,  think a bad design on hands.

A straight kitchen is a single line of cabinets. As the name suggests, a galley is normally long and narrow. however, the design can function as a well-organized and sleek kitchen. It's best to split the cooking and sink area with ends of work surface. This design still gives plenty of storage space and it can suit busy cooks who like everything close to hand may include either glassy wall units or open shelving to prevent the room from feeling hemmed in. It´ll create a sense of space and open up the design. Modular Kitchens have some basic layouts. Based on the size of the family along with the size of the kitchen area, can decide on the layout of the kitchen area. Cooking can broadly be divided into preparation, cooking and serving/storage. If these activities can be completed efficiently, this means the workflow in the kitchen area is good. Work flow in the kitchen area is expressed as a triangle. The triangle has the sink at one corner, the stove at another along with the refrigerator at the third corner. What this represents are the preparation (sink), cooking (stove) and serve/store (refrigerator) areas.    

A compact Modular Kitchen Best Design Hyderabad layout frequently adopted for space constrained interiors is the single wall kitchen. As the name suggests, in this layout the Single Wall kitchen counter is along a single wall. The cooking, preparation and storage zones are arranged in a linear fashion. Though it is not an ideal Single Wall kitchen arrangement, the single line kitchen is a viable option for space-optimized interiors. Most open kitchen layouts utilize a single wall to accommodate the main kitchen zones. This makes the one wall kitchen layout a popular element of studio apartments. This layout saves space and also allows integration of other spaces with the Hyderabad Modular Kitchen. Very large islands and the demise (or at least the very reduced capacity) of the table in the kitchen. kitchen designs are incorporating large island(s) that can accomodate cooking, prep work and dining. The area previously reserved for the breakfast table has been replaced with a sitting area in the kitchen. The large over-scaled island provides an area for kids to spread out their homework and projects and still give mom and dad a place to prepare the meal in a social and spacious manner.

The primary objective of having a Modular Kitchen is to save the space. It is an effective and efficient method to utilize the available space to its maximum potential, without disrupting the daily operations. In fact, working inside the Kitchen becomes a lot more easy and smooth, once the Modular Kitchen Hyderabad has been implemented. And, this is coming out from a personal experience of using a Modular Kitchen for the last one year or so. It has definitely some weight. A standard Single Wall Modular Kitchen can consist of cabinets, counter top, accessories like chimneys and ventilators, and  gadgets like refrigerator, oven and in some cases sinks. These all are neatly arranged and packed as a combo, so as to avoid cluttering and congestion of the items.

Accessories used in single wall modular kitchen-

The basic stoves which traditionally used LPG or electric power (induction stoves) are now being integrated to the modular kitchen area by engraving the hob (stove) into the granite tops. It is one compact unit, which has multiple burners and makes kitchen area clutter-free. It provides ease at work while cooking.

A chimney is used to expel smoke from the kitchen area. There are huge array of auto clean chimneys which is widely appreciated in the Indian market.

It can buy great products like Convection Toaster Ovens, Slow Cookers, Microwaves, and Dinnerware. These items can make days a lot easier.

Pull out drawers (Units):
These units are easily accessible while working in the kitchen area and are used to store multiple things like food articles, utensils etc. These units are easy to maintain and it depends on the size of unit that how much it can store.

Shutters are in trend these days to easily place kitchen area crockery in them. They are durable, reliable and are easy to install and maintain.

Adjustable Shelves:
The shelves have sliding drawers which are used for storing kitchen area items. They are durable and within the reach of hands. The shelf has a handle through which can open and close it easily.

Pros and Cons of single wall modular kitchen-
  • The main advantage of modular kitchen area is that can easily carry cabinets and modules in a box and fit in new kitchen area.
  • It is easy to clean and even can repair any part of modular kitchen area.
  • The kitchen area provides clutter-free space to easily work in the area.
  • Modular kitchen area comes in such a variety of colors and designs that will surely get one according to taste.
  • It gives you the liberty to set your kitchen area as per your wish.
  • It comes in a ready-to-install pre-fabricated form, which makes its installing extremely convenient.
  • Modular kitchen area has a fashionable look, which lends a great appeal to interior decor.
  • A versatile kitchen layout that maximizes kitchen space & provides ample storage options.
  • Enables multiple work stations to be set up across different kitchen counters, thereby easing movement and minimizing kitchen traffic.
  • The peninsula leg of the kitchen, divides the cooking space from the rest of the home.
  • It can be used to store appliances or as a quick breakfast/ dinner nook on busy weekdays.
  • The large availability of countertop space and plenty of storage, are additional benefits.
  • Keeping the G kitchen peninsula short, ensures that the work triangle becomes very manageable.


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