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Kitchen Ventilation & Selecting Kitchen Chimney

A modular chimney once installed in the kitchen, it exhausts the smoke, oil vapor, dust particles and carbon present in the air. Modular kitchen chimneys are not only efficient to get rid of impurities in the kitchen but also give an added style to kitchen design. Indian cooking involves a lot of frying masalas, tadkas, and needless to say, the kitchens can be filled with smoke and end up with watering eyes and the grimy tiles behind stove  show what have been cooking. Being an Indian housewife for the last 27 years, and having cooked some super delicious meals for family of three and hosted parties for 25 or more every year, the fact that whipping up some traditional or exotic meals that are very Indian, leave kitchen grimy and full of fumes and a multitude of odors. Particularly in the hot summers. Indian cooking includes a lot of frying and use of ghee and oil which contribute to the fumes and grime. It saves the ceiling above the cooking area to get damaged and also smoke spreading to other rooms. The chimney is mounted from the ceiling with touch control switch panels on each side for ease in operation. It also has multiple blower speed control and comes with an elegant glass finish to enhance the look of kitchen. The Chimney is equipped with the latest Dry auto clean technology which is the evolution from soap water fed auto clean technology to dry auto clean technology, wherein, a single push of a switch is good enough to clean the chimney automatically and deposit the dirt in the oil collectors.
Kitchen chimneys are essential for various reasons like cleanliness, health and hygiene. It does not matter whether the kitchen is small or big ,there may be a problem of fumes and smoke. Hence chimney plays a very important role in keeping the kitchen neat and clean. The fumes which comes out while cooking causes certain stickiness on the cabinets which may cause several health problems. Putting up a chimney in the kitchen keeps the kitchen clean and also removes the odor and fumes efficiently. This appliance is placed just above cook top, as to throw the oil and warm air away from the cooking area. Modular Kitchens Hyderabad includes an effective exhaust system that works to create a great suction. It lets to enjoy cooking in a fresh and odor free environment. Kitchen chimneys are one of the most progressive forms of kitchen appliances that are gaining from one and all, exclusively from home makers. Electric chimneys, the most prevalent of all are an effective way to remove smoke and odour as compared to normal exhaust fans that hold archaic relevance. Kitchen chimneys are available in several designs, colours and patterns, whilst being really beneficial when it comes to making the most of best place in the house.

Two types of chimney technology is commonly used:
Chimney with aluminum cassette filter which includes multi- layered metal based filter, able to retain grease particles.

Baffle filtered chimney is the improved form of aluminum mesh filter. It is quite efficient to separate oil molecules from the emitted smoke. It is more effective than mesh filter and ideal for Indian kitchen.

The Extra Features Available In A Modular Chimney:
There are many newly Modular Kitchen Designs Hyderabad chimneys that provide multi functionality. There are chimneys that come with ionizer, pest repellent etc. They not just exhaust the dust but also throw out all the harmful particles and keep  family healthy. The chimneys are now designed bigger to cover more suction space. They can save electricity bill and also lower the noise with vibration damper. It can have noise free kitchen environment with such modular kitchen chimneys.

Problems associated with chimneys:
A major carp that people have with chimneys is that they don’t suck out the smoke completely. This may be because of the chimney is not the right size for the kitchen. Chimneys which works for small kitchens may won’t work as well for larger kitchen and need to install one which is bigger in dimension and higher suction power.

Occasionally the chimney becomes faulty and does not work as well as it does initially. The reason could be gathering of particles within the walls of the chimney. A best way to work overcome this is to regularly clean the chimney or get the servicing done on regular intervals.

Types Of Filters Available In Electric Chimney-

Aluminum Cassette Filters:
The aluminum mesh filter is a multi layer metal filter, made of 3-7 layers of aluminum mesh for effective purification. It retains the grime from the fumes.Easy to clean but needs cleaning once every 15-30 days, depending on usage. Use warm soapy water for easy cleaning, a detergent will help remove stubborn grime. Needs to be replaced once in 2-3 years, with regular cleaning. Can be cleaned in dishwasher too. Interior Designers In Hyderabad say this type of filter is not good for the Indian kitchen as the masala particles with oil stick to the mesh filter and subsequently do not perform well.

Baffle Filters:
This filter is an improvement on the aluminum cassette filter. Uses the cut and chop method of separating oil from the masala fumes, leaving the filter in good usable condition. The suction power of the chimney does not get affected even if there is oil collected in the lower layer. Needs cleaning once every 5-6 months.These need to be changed every 4-5 years as well since they get rusted with use. Baffle filters are supposed to be 30 % more efficient than the aluminum mesh filter. But choose one that is easy to remove and wash yourself rather than wait for a technician to do the job. Some brands have these made of steel that are heavy and cannot be opened by a normal person. One has to depend on the trained technician to do it. Faber's chimneys are easier to open, but the steel thorns inside can be injurious while washing. Aluminum baffle filters are also available which are lighter but can be drawn back into the hood or rattle when in use.

Most consumers prefer the aluminum cassette filter type as they are easy to clean and cheaper. But the baffle filters are excellent for the Modular Kitchen Gallery since more of frying masalas and tadkas to do everyday.

Auto Clean Chimneys:
Fix it, and forget about cleaning it. These filter-less chimneys are available in the market today, with zero maintenance. Make sure that the motor is sealed so as not to allow any dust or smoke to get in. A turbine blower made of aluminum non-stick is provided to prevent oil clogging. An oil collector is provided which can be removed for easy cleaning. Altogether low or zero maintenance.


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