Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Modular Kitchen Triangle with Accessories

Modular Kitchen Accessories are finding a major place in most Indian kitchens. About a decade back, chimney & hob were the only accessories which were known. Today most want to equip their modular kitchen with built-in appliances like microwave, oven etc. This along with the functionality adds tremendous aesthetic value to the kitchen. Depending on the requirement, provide the home maker with Cooking Range, Wine Coolers, Bar-B-Que Grills and Dishwashers. All these kitchen Accessories are finding a place in kitchens and most handy and convenient accessories for the kitchen.

Modular Kitchen triangle is the placement of the sink, fridge, and the stove . These essentials have to be placed in a triangle for easy access to things, minimum walking distance, and to create a smooth flow of traffic . General rule of the thumb while placing these appliances is the distance . It should not to be less than 4 feet and not more than 9feet. Kitchens are not only about cooking food or socializing; kitchens are also about storage and storage space. Modular kitchens provide homes with an extended amount of storage space which conventional kitchens do not.  Essentially, a modular kitchen can increase the amount of storage space of a normal kitchen by up to 80%. Modular Kitchen Accessories helps us to make modular kitchen smart.

Modular Kitchen Hyderabad Price Accessories are mainly for better storage and accessibility to kitchen items. They are available in different price ranges and come packed with specific functionality. Kitchen accessories like drawer systems (with soft-closing mechanism) for storage of cutlery, pot and pan, plate, cup and saucers etc. Even the shutters (doors) can be with soft-closing mechanism – with plain shelves OR with pull outs for easier accessibility. There are many accessories for corners like D-Trays (1/2 & ¾), Magic Corner, Leeman etc which will help in easily accessing the material stored.

Design Modular Kitchen Hyderabad with glass shutters and glass shelves. These shelves will make it easier for display of eye-catching crockery. Other than a glass shelf, can also go in for sleek ply shelves which can be spacious. A wide range of accessories are available in the market for the base accessories itself.
Cost of Modular Kitchen Hyderabad Accessories are in demand as they help in maintaining the kitchen in an organised way. Installing kitchen Accessories requires less time and work, and effectively enhances the look of kitchen, while adding value to the kitchen. With minimal expenditure and a generous dash of creativity, the most unsightly of cupboards can be spruced up beyond recognition. Keep in mind the material for accessories is made of and the decor theme. Customised kitchen accessories is the best bet for kitchens, especially those that are shaped irregularly and have additional storage needs. 
Some of the available base kitchens accessories and their uses are explained below:
  • VEG Allium Accessories: This base kitchens accessory is used to keep vegetables, fruits.
  • Designer Accessories: This base kitchens accessory helps to arrange bowls etc.
  • Designer Partition Accessories: This base kitchens accessory has got a partition in between which will help to keep glasses,bowls etc.
  • Cup and Saucer Accessories: This base kitchens accessory helps to keep the Cup and Saucer in an organized manner.
  • Designer Bottle Rack Accessories: This base kitchens accessory helps to keep the Bottles in the rack.
  • Cutlery Accessories: Cutlery Basket helps to keep cutlery in an organized manner
  • Bin Holder Accessories: Bin Holder ,normally installed below the sink , helps to keep garbage bag.
  • Twin Cutlery Accessories: This modular kitchen accessory is used to keep cutlery in an organized manner.
  • Tingu Accessories: This modular kitchen accessory is used to keep the bowls, pans etc.
  • Thali Accessories: This modular kitchen accessories are useful to keep plates.
  • Grain Accessories: This modular kitchen accessories are useful to keep big containers which store grains.

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